Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Sketch

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Anonymous said...

See, here's the thing: you think you know your audience, and then..a snow day back here in New England, time to troll around on the internet, et voila! A new visitor!

What a lovely vision of the French countryside, this latest painting post. How completely devoid of ice or wind or anything that needs to be plowed or shoveled. I'm sure you're hearing from your Vermont friends that we're about to dive into a cold snap, highs in the single digits coming up on the weekend, lows...don't even ask.

So, just wanted you to know that I've got you bookmarked now. And who knows, we might even pay you a visit some day. After we're done scraping the windshield and stoking the fire...

Happy January!

xoKris Macomber (and John and boys)