Monday, November 21, 2011


Breakfast Conversation International Style
Cast of Characters: Savannah Sally, Paris Pauline, London Lilly 
Savannah Sally: Good morning. Did ya’ll sleep well?
London Lilly: Very well thank you. I was knackered. 
Sally: Oh.  I sleep in pajamas, not knickers. Coffee? Would you like that with sugar? Half and half?
Lilly: Half and half? Blimey, what’s that?
Sally: It’s half milk and  half cream.
Lilly: My goodness, couldn’t you Yanks just say light cream? I thought you might mean half sugar and half coffee!
Sally: Toast anyone?
Paris Pauline: Yes, please.
Savannah Sally: Some cherry preserves?
Pauline: Pardon me, what did you say? Are you talking about sex already this morning?!
Sally: Sex and cherry preserves?  I’m a little lost, Honey.
Pauline: Cherie, I don’t need protection from my morning toast. 
London Lilly: Pauline, Ms. Savannah means jam, not a “French Letter”.
Sally and Pauline: A “French Letter”?!
Lilly: A rubber, a condom, an English Hood (capote anglaise)......

My goodness what a way to start the day!

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