Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Petite Aquarelle

Before you get to the beautiful part of today's post I have a technical update. You might remember that a month or so ago I asked if you were having trouble receiving A Small Village in France posts. It turns out that some of your were. It also turns out that this a common occurrence with bloggers that have used something called FeedBurner to connect with you, our audience.

The short version of this story is that I am afraid you are going to be getting my post twice now. Once from FeedBurner and once from FeedBlitz.  FeedBlitz is where you want to be. 

I apologize if you find me arriving in your mailbox twice. You can unsubscribe from FeedBurner or just take the flash of a second to delete one of the two post.

Whew -I sure hope this sets things right for awhile. Keeping up with these technologies is just not my thing.

Thank you for getting helping get through this nitty gritty!
and here's the fun part of today.......

Farm Field 

12" x 16" framed size

$120 including shipping 
Window Over the Ocean

12" x 16" framed size

$120 including shipping 

Check out these wonderful, intelligent Bloggers that helped me get through this scary transition in the world of blogging:
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