Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Moment to Play

For two days the local farmers take a busman's holiday and show their stuff at the Creyssac village fair.
The first day there is a cattle sale. Followed by lunch, followed by checking out old tractors, followed by time at the bar, followed by dinner, dancing and fireworks.

The second day is started off with the farmers getting their most trusted tractor placed for the "big event". Then a breakfast of sausage baguette, black coffee or maybe a beer. There are shouts of hello and strong handshakes shared among men that do not see each other from one planting season to the next.

The "big event" is set up into several categories. Horses, small tractors and big tractors. The aim is to plow the straightest, just deep enough, but not too deep furrow with just the right amount of mounding to each side of the pass. The gun goes off and the various engines plow down the field. That's it. 

It will be several hours before the judges can score each furrow. There will be a few personal judgements made before the official ones.

Everyone will be off to the bar and then lunch while the judges plow through their work. Awards will be presented this evening after the parade of floats and dinner. 

When you only have two days to rest you gotta make hay!


Lynn at Southern Fried French said...

Wow. And I thought WE were out in the country! This is just priceless. Sorry to have missed it.

Len said...

Very beautiful scenery. I will visit very soon