Sunday, January 28, 2018

Chateau Bike Ride

Here are some of the  castles and manor houses that would tempt your imagination if you were to join me on a bike ride around my neighborhood.
 Chateau de la Cote
The roads swoop and climb over hill and dale.
 Chateau de Mareuil
Some of the properties are loosing the battle.
 Chateau de St Crepin de Richemont
 This 'home' is still lived in by the 7th generation of owners.

St Crepin de Richemont
A farmhouse on the hill.
Another farmhouse on a hill. 
Clearly you would rather join me on this ride on a sunny day. If we are lucky and the weather is mild, winter is great with no leaves to hide these magnificent places.
No need to hop on a bike to see this wonderful chateau. If you stay in the little hotel with the blue shutters you wake up in a dream world. 

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Anne Marie said...

What’s the name of that hotel with the blue shutters? I think I stayed there.