Tuesday, August 30, 2011


“So you’re American, not English?”
“Oh, I loved going to America,” said Jean Pierre.
“When I got out of the cab on Manhattan I fell to my knees in awe!” exclaimed Celine.
“My heart burst when I stepped to the edge of the Grand Canyon,” Gerard told me.
“I thought I could drive from Ohio to California in one day. It took four days!” said Jean-Claude.
Another voice asked, “Do you know Weesuspesus?”
 Slowly my ears deciphered this strange word-- Reese's Pieces!
“Well yes I do know that candy.” (Probably my favorite candy. The person asking me this would never believe how many peanut butter cups I had eaten for my lunch back in the states - but a Frenchman eating junk for lunch on the run is not conceivable)
“When you go back to America could you bring back a little bag so I can share that delicious taste with my children?”

This small request came from a young, enterprising woman who runs a little cafe with spiced coffees, chai and tasty organic baked goods. She has two adorable young sons who are friends with Jolie so the only answer was yes.  When a recent visitor graciously asked what they could bring us from the states I asked her to tuck a bag of this exotic candy into her luggage. 

Imagine how tickled we were when a large sign went up at this woman’s cafe to entice summer traffic that said (loosely translated) “Big Chunks Tasty Ben and Jerry’s”. So here was a woman that understands the bigness of America-- even if it comes from Vermont, our former little corner of that great big country. Thank you Ben and Jerry!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday's Petite Aquarelle

Resting Boat

Monday, August 1, 2011


I had so wanted to post photos of our house all done up and ready to be presented. But as you can see we are in the storm before all things fall into place. 

These are cement tiles that are still produced by hand in the original method used in the 1800's. They were very popular in France at that time and they seemed fun for our 1850's house. Not a lot of extra tiles and not easy to get more, so Tom had to really do some figuring.

It's even more beautiful than we expected!

Not so sure we haven't gravitated to an Americana look for the kitchen.

We really are getting closer......

Thank goodness all the time and work is worth it as we missed a glorious day.