Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Garden Coming Into It's Own May 2017

There is even time to enjoy and share our gardens!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Four Garden Personalities

This past weekend was the annual Rendez-Vous aux Jardins in France. Over 2000 gardens are open throughout the country. We decided to stay close to home this year and chose 4 gardens that were within an hour's drive between Angouleme and Bourdeilles.  As you will see from my less than stellar photos it was a grey and rainy day, but it meant we had the gardens and their owners to ourselves. I am not sure what you can tell about a person's personality from their garden but, we truly encountered 4 distinct gardens and 4 gentle yet excitable garden creators. 

The gardens are shown in the order that we encountered them. Imagine our joy as we entered the gates of each of these examples of artistic garden creations.

Le Jardin de Chalonne

Cute and tiny in a monumental way.

Parc et Jardins du Chateau de Fleurac

To the Manor born....

 Le Jardin des Roses

The perfume of obsession

Jardin de Puy-Vidal

Regimentally casual

I promise that I'll show you our gardens next!