Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fool proof ways to learn (immerse yourself in) French.
Number one, meet the neighborhood children. They laugh at you and with you. It’s a lot of fun to learn while playing games, taking long walks and meeting other adults while watching soccer practice.
 Who else will think your dog is smarter than you are and ask about your sanity in front of you? How else would you find children that aren’t related to you to criticize your driving, your clothes, your hair, and your eating habits? For after all, they must know more than we because they speak French like ten year-olds while we speak like three year-olds.
Two, walk your dog or borrow a friend’s. Of course ours is the cutest dog that ever was and all French people seem to agree. We are stopped all along the way to let her lick and jump on them. We know every word for cute, sweet, and stubborn. We know every word for all the tick medications that don’t work. We know that language is not a barrier for a dog’s ability to disobey. And we know how to explain the rules and regulations for traveling with a pet. 

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