Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small Steps

We left Vermont with full bellies from delicious meals , cheeks that hurt from laughing and hearts breaking from parting with such wonderful friends and family.
We arrived in France to a house opened and warmed by the sunshine, fresh flowers in the entryway and homegrown produce on the kitchen counter.
Nous avons de la chance!” We have great luck!

--sorry to not have any photos. I've been basking in irresponsibilty and lack of connection to the internet and what might be called the real world.
It's going to be very small steps for awhile!


Mary Jo said...

I'm so glad I happened to be online when you posted this. The warmth of your message adds to the coziness of this rainy day. Just 2 days ago, Alice B., Cheryl D., and I were thinking about you on our way to a reception at Rocky Dale for Adrian Bloom. Life goes on. . .glad you're enjoying it across the pond.

A Small Village in France said...

Mary Jo
Would have loved to see Adrian Bloom. All can tell that even though we didn't know it we were well influenced by his work started at Rock Dale.
Looking for new gardens here. Will share the new treasures some day when you visit!