Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We love those village bells. They give a comforting rhythm to the day. But, on our return to Bourdeilles this fall something was amiss. The bells were off an hour, sometimes more than that, and they did their “crazy bells” at random times. 
Finally several weeks into our new lives the bells are back to their reassuring, regimented performance. Maybe they were off kilter in solidarity with our slow, sometimes confused, march into the rhythms of our new community.
----extra extra--- we succeeded in getting our official Visas  yesterday - and THE CONTAINER ARRIVED TODAY! Let the crazy bells ring out!!!


Elizabeth Allen said...

Wow--did you fill that entire container? And it looks like you are delivering it into a very old fortress! Cool!

CherylD said...

Oh My! That IS dramatic. Love the contrast between old versus new (and I'm not talking Tom versus Kubota). ~CD

Mary Jo said...

The smile on Tom's face says it all.

Unknown said...

I recognize where many of your pictures are taken and love to see them. What I don't recognize is where you are unloading the container into. An old,old barn or what? Is that you new digs?