Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Trip to the Bank

On Monday I went to the bank, but only an American would do that. Banks, and most businesses, are not open on Monday. 
I went to the bank on Tuesday. They were open, but did I have an appointment? No. 
Wednesday I arrived for my 3:30 rendezvous.  I had a lovely meeting with one of the managers and on my way out I realized I was ‘holding’ everyone up as it was after 4:00 and they close for the day at 4:00.

During all of this our car was at the garage and I was making the 22km round trip by bike. These pictures are of my route between Bourdeilles and Brantome.


Mary Jo said...

I'd ride my bike to the bank if the ride looked like that, too!

susan vieth said...

Can you believe the countryside and it's flat - and it has been warm and mild!

La Vida Artesania said...

Aah Susan, soon you will learn that the Saints also close the banks on many other days in addition to All Saints Day.

Lisa said...

VT is a little bleak and rainy today - this post with your beautiful pictures really brightens the day. Just imagining the ride..

Elizabeth Allen said...

Flat! Heaven for riding bikes and the scenery isn't bad either!