Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small Dog New Friends

Making friends as a small dog has it’s own strategies and risk. 
BonBon, the border collie, loves to retrieve sticks, herd exercise balls and chase cars. Jolie has never retrieved anything, is afraid of balls that might roll on top of her and hopefully has the fear of god in her concerning anything to do with cars. 
NusuNusu is sleek, black, leaps like a gazelle and is as fleet as the wind. She’s part greyhound. Jolie is 10 inches tall and can barely see over a dandelion much less fields of winter wheat.
Louie is a golden retriever puppy and well, she’s a golden retriever puppy. Jolie hates puppies. She sits in a corner crouching and drooling until someone takes pity on her and holds her in their arms or we go back to home sweet home.
We had cats when Jolie was a puppy so she was brought up as a cat. Not a nice thing to do to a small dog that will later be moved to France where dogs do indeed rule.
Luckily her first friend here was an old reliable yellow lab, Duka. He cracked walnuts for her on slow, lumbering walks, stood at the end of the dinner table looking adorable and begging with her, and taught her how to worry about and bark at puppies.

She has yet to be introduced to a small dog of her size and lack-of-interest level. She sure does miss her ol’ friends Ruby the Jack Russell and Onyx the laconic black lab, back in Vermont- I wonder if they can be paw pals?
PS-- If you think the next blog entry will be about Tom and his new friends... well you know better than that! So far I’ve had three people say to me “well I saw Tom whiz by on his tractor”, “I saw Tom whoosh by in the car”, “I saw Tom zipping up the hills on his scooter”.  The same old Tom, as elusive as ever........

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Ben Kulp said...

I would like Border Collie named Bon Bon!