Monday, January 3, 2011

Vermont LOVE

Love. One can love more than one child at a time. One can love many many friends. And one can love more than one place.

We love the states we grew up in. We love France. But the other morning we spent a bit of time remembering that we love Vermont. A state so full of special places, interesting characters and delicious flavors.

New Year's morning we wallowed in the glorious flavor of Vermont. The world’s best flavor. The flavor of Vermont Maple Syrup.

Imagine our surprise recently when a large package arrived on our door step. Not being patient people we opened it up right then and there, no waiting for Christmas. And in that box there were two quarts of ‘farm fresh' Isham Family Farm Maple Syrup, maple crème (no French dessert will ever match this!) and a lovely note of friendship. What could better represent Vermont and what life there is about.

In the past we have shared a holiday breakfast with our Isham Family Farm friends. This year we would have to have our favorite way to start the New Year with out them. And yet they were with us every bite of the way.

Yes we love France, but mornings with a plate of French toast and REAL maple syrup make us long for the love of Vermont. Way to make us ‘home’ sick Mike!


RubesMa said...

Darn! Should've made that meal instead of getting chocolate muffins from Shaws for Owen! And we have heaps of syrup in the fridge! Duh! Will send photos of wind destruction soon; Mike I. was out cutting up pines from the copse today, as a lot of the snow has melted. He is also taking the barn apart and finding 100 years of packed funk between the wall studs. BLah!
Page saw a bobcat on our back porch yesterday. I reckon the local cats' days are numbered! KH

Anonymous said...

Ah, Susan and Tom you make my heart ache. Leaving Vermont six months ago for the DC, I still long for the tastes and smells of our sweet home. Your Christmas breakfast sounds lovely. We spent our Christmas snorkeling in the Florida Keys. Wendy A.

Steve Mease said...

Nice posting - It's fun following your adventures in France. Who was the guest at your breakfast - or is Tom just eating for two people these days :)