Monday, April 4, 2011

Ooh La La

Announcing Ooh La La France Tours!
A big part of my excitement in our move to France was knowing that I was going to start offering tours of our area. 
Figuring out the tour was easy. What was difficult was finding a catchy name that captured the spirit of the idea of a group of women friends spending a fun and adventuresome week together-- in France!
One weekend four of us were touring around the countryside and we were playing with name ideas, ‘Let’s Go Girls’, ‘Friends, Wine and Cheese’, ‘Go Girls Go’ and a few that can not be mentioned in polite company. We were rolling around in the car laughing. Suddenly two voices cried out, ‘Ooh La La!’. Four pairs of eyes looked up and there before us was the most amazing sight, a double rainbow over a castle perched on a cliff hanging over a river. There was a moment’s silence and then four voices rang out - “that’s it!” And so Ooh La La France was named.
Please check out the newly launched web-site for I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on the site.  I would especially appreciate your sharing this site with as many friends as you can think of!


kim said...

Hi Susan- congrats on your new (ad)venture- the sites look very enchanting and I will happily pass your exciting news along! Love the name!! xoxKim

Steve Mease said...

If you need a theme song for your new business, I think this Vermont girl could help.

Steve Mease said...

Wondering if Tom is going to offer a "guys" tour - you know, come dig up some trees and move them around, knock down some walls, get to drive the tractor... Just a thought.

A Small Village in France said...

--and what a thought it is! I'll get to work on the schedule and post it soon.