Monday, May 16, 2011

re: Progress is a relative thing....

I have been reluctant to post progress pictures of the Great House Project because, well, because you really wouldn't be able to see much progress. Tom has spent hours and hours and a lot of effort over there, it's just that  gouging deep trenches in the walls and then refilling them after the electrician and plumber have been around just doesn't look sexy in photos. Then there are the final coats and coats of plaster. Again nothing to see unless you are there in the room with the warm glow of perfectly smoothed finish work.
So instead I am posting pictures of what is happening outside the windows of our house. With a little hint of the state of the progress inside........


back hall



Why be in a hurry when this is our view from where we are now?


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C'est Magnifique!

Appreciate the quick reply.

BTW, will Ooh La La accept a group of men?