Monday, October 31, 2011

Ooh La La France

Shirley: “Grab it, Tessie! Use both hands, Annie!  Michelle-- squat low or you’ll loose it! Joan, there’s one in the rose bush!”
Joan: “And that one is going to stay there.”
Tessie: “Shirley, we love you. But we can’t have book club here if we always have to spend an hour chasing your cats into the kitchen!”
Annie: “Speaking of herding cats, let’s try to get all the girls to go on a big trip this year."
Michelle: “To France!”
Shirley: “Ooh la la!”
Tessie: “I didn’t know you knew French, Shirley.”
Shirley: “ ‘Ooh la la’ is all the French we need to know!”
Michelle: “Ah, yes, the famous Ooh La La France Tours! They were almost on Oprah! But I can’t bear to have a grand adventure in France without Bob, and I think that the Ooh La La France Tour is just for women.”
Shirley: “Get hip, girl. Ooh La La is changing with the times-- now men can come, too!”
Annie, Tessie, Michelle, Joan: “Hooray!”
Joan: “Does the man I bring have to be my husband?”
Shirley, Tessie, Michelle, Annie: “Ooh La La!”
Quick, Annie-- there’s one in the rose bush.

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