Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To Yoga and Back

No, this is not a golf cart path. Yes, this is the main road from my house up towards yoga class.

Neighborhood home.

A neighbors grapevines.

The crossroads where I pick up a friend.

The first hamlet we go through.

I almost always have to stop to let the chicken cross the road........

Stone quarries where the stone for my house might have come from.

The second hamlet we come to and the sweetest valley.

Just a few more curves.

That's our building on the left. One room in this building is the lunch room for the villages elementary school and one room is the town 'party' hall. Yoga is in the 'party' room. The town hall is to the left out of view. It was the building with the black roof in the previous photo. I tell you this so you get a feel of how tight everything is held together in these hamlets/villages.

The village is huddled under the romanesque church. Notice the second floor with no windows which is where the villagers would have come to hide during a raid.

Yoga class.

Another crossroads on the way home.

Almost home. Just before one enters the village of Bourdeilles.


mickr said...

Been visiting your site often. We live in Australia but we are English. We have just bought a house in Bourdeilles. I will be coming across at the end of March so may see you around!

A Small Village in France said...

hello mickr,
look forward to your introducing yourself. as you already know you'll love it here! susan