Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Truffle Super Bowl 2012!

Super Bowl CXXVVCXIIIVXXII is history and the American football season comes to an end.
In France, mid-winter marks the end of the Truffle Season.

Let's explore some of the similarities and differences of these, the two most important phenomena in the Western World.

Little American boys start playing football as soon as diapers can be replaced with hip pads.
This year's Truffle Season started ten years ago. Oak seedlings are inoculated with a fungus that will eventually lead to the creation of truffles.

The most crucial decision for the truffle devotee is: will the future truffle finder be porcine or canine?

As in football, team bonding is important.

The truffle season passes in much the same way as the NFL season.

Play off time and the tensions are mounting.

It is a far different scene on the field.