Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Merry Month of May

I would like to start off by thanking Kristin Espinasse of French Word a Day for sharing a link to this site. We look forward to entertaining all of our new visitors!

Since the beginning of May Tom and I have headed out on Sundays to visit the local Floralies.

That sounds so simple and ordinary.  Instead, imagine teenagers' nervous energy before the prom, a Red Sox fan on Opening Day, or even winning the lottery.  Or, more appropriately, a drug addict looking for the next hit. That is what spring Floriales are like for us transplanted plant fanatics!

 Never more than 30 minutes away we can get an early start, gather up a 'few' plants and if the weather cooperates Tom can capture a watercolor or two. Each plant show has it's unique character. I will let the pictures of the four settings speak for themselves. If you ever find your self in France at this time of year I cannot recommend enough seeking out a Floralie in whatever region you find yourself in. What fun you would have visiting one even if you can't purchase that unknown clematis or that perfect peony.

Riberac Town Hall

The Village of Montagrier

The Village of St Jean de Cole

Plant Collectors Sale La Brande

Chateau de Neuvic

Our car....after each of our days out!


Julie Farrar said...

I love how in France they seem to live so much of their life outdoors in their community (and I don't mean shopping anonymously at a local mall).

susan vieth said...

It has struck me how the plants people are so glad to be in an open space with all their competition- eating lunch together, buying each others plants and complaining about the weather.
No need to jump in the car and run from one place to another to another.... And such a lovely outing for friends and family - and crazy plants people.

Mary Jo said...

This is my most favorite post so far. I will save it and look at it again and again, climbing into each photo to absorb all of the details. I had heard that France did not have the garden centers that we have, now I see why--they come to the villages when they are needed. What fun it must be to seek them out the way we would make the annual pilgrimages to Von Trapp's, Cady's Falls, Rocky Dale, Kelly Sweeney's and now, Just Dancing, which has moved to Isham's Farm.

Have you places for all these plants yet or have you created a huge nursery bed? I hope you will take photos of the progression of your new gardens.

Enjoy every minute. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie @ Season It Already! said...

What lovely photos! Thank you for sharing.