Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cheeseburger Pizza?!

Tuesday nights are pizza nights. An evening when Tom fires up the pizza oven he built and gets creative with a palate of flavors instead of paints.

In the beginning the pizzas were standard sausage and mushroom, goats cheese and black olive and the classic marguerite.

Then one week something seemed to be afoot. Tom asked me if we had an extra bottle of ketchup, Heinz of course, and how about a jar of cornichons (French pickles)? And  would I please be sure to slice some extra onions this week. 

Tuesday evening arrived and as the Pizza Night gang gathered around the picnic table Tom declared he had a special surprise for us this evening. Based on the “special” ingredients that I was aware of I was a bit wary.

To start with there was hot, crispy focaccia and cold beers. Followed by several piping hot, delicious pizzas. So far all the standard weekly fare.

Then there was a little lull in the arrival of pizzas. With his back to us at the work counter Tom seemed to be extra engaged in the production of the next pizza. Anyone looking over would have noticed the bright red bottle of ketchup swirling around, followed by what could only be mustard?! in that bright yellow jar, and then a final flourish of pickles??

I watched in horror as Tom lovingly placed this concoction into the furiously hot oven. At 900 degrees (Farenheight) the pizzas cook in a minute and a half. So quickly in and quickly out. A quick roll of the pizza cutter and Tom turned to the table with a flourish.

And voila - “Cheeseburger Pizza!”

All conversations came to a stop, puzzled looks were exchanged and one brave soul pipped up, Cheeseburger pizza!?

There was nothing to do, but dig in. And right away with those first bites there was a wave of yummmm! Grins came across each face as the genuine taste of a cheeseburger was discovered. Pizza cheeseburger, who would have thought? 

Now on Tuesdays there is a patient impatience around the table as Tom serves up this and that standard pizza until he is ready to make his piece de resistance. With the arrival of the The Cheeseburger there is a general oooohhh yummm that comes from the gang as everyone appreciates the combinations that Tom has selected from this culinary palate.


Mary Jo said...

Sweet pickles or dill? I can't wait to try making it for my boys! Love the pizza oven set up. Your pizza night sound wonderful. Do the locals come?

Julianne Idlet said...

Awesome Tom!

Lynn at Southern Fried French said...

Cheesburger pizza, well why not? The French will probably eat it up, I may get brave enough to try it.