Monday, August 12, 2013

Miss Bourdeilles

Every year for as long as anyone can remember there has been a Miss Bourdeilles presented during the annual village celebration. A young woman growing up in the village is accompanied by two or three friends in the afternoon parade. Those friends will be Miss Bourdeilles in the years to come. And so on and so forth.

This year Frederique had the wonderful idea to invite all of the former Miss Bourdeilles that could be gathered up to join in the parade. Finding no written record of former participants there were a lot of threads to be followed, sisters and cousins to be quizzed, where does so and so live now, could her second cousin once removed give her a call for us........and then arms to be gently twisted. In the end there was a lovely turn out of beautiful women. From Miss Bourdeilles 1954 all the way up to 2013.

Mother and Daughter

Frederique the instigator........
Thank you!

On the left is brother of two Miss Bourdeilles, husband of one. All the girls tossed confetti his way!

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