Friday, September 20, 2013

A True Story

The true story of a big event in Bourdeilles.

The town's biggest event of the 16th century was the announcement that Catherine de Medici was going to visit. As the mother of a couple of kings and the evil instigator of the slaughter of thousands of French protestants, Madame Medici inspires hosts to be thoughtful of her lodgings when she drops in.
The count and countess of Bourdeilles decided that the already 400-year-old castle was starting to show it's age. The decision was made to build Madame de Medici a palace inside the castle walls. She gave a few year's warming, so if everyone did the impossible, the palace should be ready in time.
The count and countess were just tickled how well it all turned out.
But then the biggest event turned into the biggest non-event when Catherine changed her travel plans.

**There has been some artistic license in this story as the count of Bourdeilles was long dead when these events happened.

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