Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LilyO's a little joie de vie

Oooh la la, here we go again. Welcome to our new adventure, LilyO's. LilyO's tea towels is now officially launched as a business!

Thanks to all of you that loved the first collection of LilyO's tea towels we have created the Vineyard Collection for 2014.

As you can see Tom has had fun exploring and representing the feel of some of the wine regions near us. Funny thing too for someone that doesn't drink........ Thank goodness the regions express themselves so clearly to his imagination.

You can check out more about this new adventure at www.lilyos.com or www.tomviethsketches.com  Please note that you still have to order directly from me for now. I hope to have the web site all sorted out by February.

Right now I am on my way to Chicago to the Merchandise Mart Trade Show. We'll see how the retail world relates to this happy, creative, elegant new introduction to the world. I am so proud of this crazy adventure - and yet ever ever so scared, nervous and swimming hard to keep up.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for stores that might be interested in carrying something like LilyO's please drop me a note.

Thank you for all of your enthusiastic responses to the tea towels over the last two years. 

Wish me luck as I jump out of the baby pool and off the high dive......


Nancy Dove said...

HI Susan, I admire your entrepreneurship. As I drive around Charlotte, I'll think of cute shops that you can contact to sell the tea towels. Big hello to Tom. I think of you everytime I drive by Ballantyne Resort. Nancy

heidihurl said...

Best wishes on your adventure.. Yes, they are beautiful and happy and colorful and fun and wonderful and... I love them!!!

Lynn at Southern Fried French said...

Joie de vivre indeed! These are fabulous. They are going on tomorrow's blog post. Felicitations!