Sunday, February 9, 2014

News From America, French Style

Susan went to America to introduce LilyO's to the world. Susan is much beloved in our French village. She participates in every activity and her beautiful mastery of the French language is a acknowledged by all. Tom is a recluse and, without evidence to the contrary, it is assumed that he speaks no French. Susan's trip was big news to our friends. Friends who watch a lot of television, Television that featured the States' outrageous weather that coincided with Susan's trip.

This is the tale of how the villagers kept Tom apprised of all that Susan was experiencing in Philadelphia and Chicago during that brutal moth of January. Given the assumptions about Tom's linguistic handicap, it was like a real-time silent movie.

It was, of course, unfathomably cold.                                     And snowy.
And icy.
Here is how Tom knew that Susan made it to Chicago.
At last, our beloved was on her way home!

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Unknown said...

I love your human figures. Why do so few of your paintings include people?