Monday, May 19, 2014

Wild and Wonderful West Virginians in the Dordogne

It is hard to know where to start on a tour of the Dordogne. Should the focus be geology, history, architecture, food, gardens, colors, shopping, leisure!? 

Here is a sampling of the whirlwind adventures of three curious, observant, fun loving, wonderful women from West Virginia. I've tried to edit the amount of photos, but I am trying to immerse you in our 6 day tour as well. Hope you are as happily exhausted at the end as we all were!
Ready or not here they come.
We are not in Paris any more.

We'll start in the gardens of Marqueyssac. A way to dive in gently and get a big view of the  way geography shaped history.

Dordogne River Valley where English and French Castles dot the landscape. The heart of the 100 Years War.

Or maybe the gang wants to focus on the perfect color of blue.

A day full of gardens and, guess what, more chateaux. Jardin Eyrignac.

Chateau de Losse

A little rain wont slow us down.

Geological history has left such a variety of regional colors.

It is obviously noon or there a bouts.

No language barrier here.

I love how each person contributes to the ongoing observations of hidden details.

Then there is shopping and market day treats.

Remember you risked your life flying over the ocean so eat whatever you like!

There were explorations into prehistory. The real cave art is much better than the little diorama, but no photos - only memories.

An afternoon spent where the Romans created an elegant city.

Onto Christian communities with a lot of mysticism.
Here we are on the grounds of a 1st century through 18th century monastery.

Too many stories to tell you here!

Home sweet home for the week.
There were a few moments to slow down and be French.
 Thank you Ditsy, Kitty and Laura for all the new things you helped me see and experience on this magical tour.


Katiebird said...

Love it!!!Such a lot of places seen & experienced. What a wonderful time you all have had. x

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful trip for the W.Virginians! I only hope I can bring you some wild and wonderful Georgians next year. It was a pleasure meeting you in Athens at the Downs house in April and I love the Lilly-O's I bought - what great gifts they'll make. I've already given 3 to my sister and she loved them! I'll be in touch about a trip in 2015!