Monday, October 27, 2014

Sandbox Village

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We all thought we lived in a small village in France.

It turns out that that is not how Tom sees his world. 

Bourdeilles is just one big sandbox for him.

He might not be able to move the castle around, but that doesn't keep him from placing his toys just where he wants them. 

The setting contains all the elements that bring his art to life.

Hours were spent constructing and painting model sailboats.

A lot of thought went into how the sails should be attached for maximum flutter.

Each precious silk sail was placed with care.

And then they were off on their imaginary adventure through the ages.

Perfect timing for crisp fall days.

Perfect timing for fabulous holiday gift.

Perfect timing for always!

Order your own limited edition LilyO's silk scarf and sail away in a sandbox dream.

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