Sunday, July 24, 2016

3 Village Markets

Thank you all for the kind words for the blog this week. 

Here is a little update and the answers to some questions. 

I have narrowed my outings to 3 village markets. 

They are:
Monday - St Alvere - small, intimate village know for it's truffle market. Right now is the season for white truffles.
Thursday - Monpazier - best preserved bastide town in the region- a true jewel box
Friday - Brantome - just about 'home sweet home' and so lovely in it's setting along the Dronne River and under the Abbey. Tom has painted this scene hundreds of times. Wonder if he ever thought he'd be painting me into the scene!

If you are around at all until the end of August please stop by and introduce yourself. I love love love meeting ya'll! 

I will have to abandon the markets in late September to join Tom for our gypsy life of selling paintings.

I would like to offer free shipping to my stateside readers. The Code is stateside and is good until July 31st.  You can place orders at

Since I am in the commerce mode - I will be posting new paintings by Tom later this week. His works and the schedule for painting shows can be found at

Thank you all for being there!
all my best,

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Kathie Kerler said...

Your journey in market sales has been fascinating. I feel as if I am there.