Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Kids

A wonderful sign of early spring are the baby goats gambling about in the small pastures along our country lanes. Curlicue puff balls springing about on tiny legs, bumping into brother and sister kids. No matter what else might be happening in ones life these bundles of adorableness make one smile. Well, that is for those of us that are causal observers. The arrival of these fragile babies creates some anxiety in those that are responsible for them. Here is a little story told by the best goat cheese maker in the region and the Little Bo Peep of her herd.
Kids in Louise's kitchen with the warmth of the AGA wood-stove.

Well folks, some of you might be wondering how we are getting on....
Well it's been interesting. Last Saturday was day one with 3 goats producing 5 nice kids. That was a good start if a little startling as we had reckoned Monday was the big day. 
Ok so Sunday was quiet and we caught up. 
Then the interesting bit. It got seriously cold. Of course I thought to myself, nothing like a freezing wind when your most precious kids are arriving. 
We did our best to keep the little ones cosy and our water protected. 
The next couple of days was a trudge, lugging water to pigs etc etc. Of course as luck would have it, our tractor was having a much anticipated overhaul, so it couldn't help. 
....but no kiddings!
Last night, as we finished our evening chores I asked the goats, very nicely, if they could please just hang on until this morning, after 9, preferably. 
Well what lovely goats we have...
10 am, Macy produces twin sisters. 3 more kidded in the afternoon. 
I guess they decided in all that cold and ice the kids were better in than out!
Well that or we were jolly lucky.

Thank you for the story Louise!