Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What are your signs of spring?

What are the first things you notice in spring?
I used to be obsessed with the growth of the green leaves. Their arrival was the true sign of spring.
Looking at springtime through Tom’s eyes has extended my view. I now notice that spring buds are the same color as the fall color will be. There are varying textures and bloom times in the hedgerows and hillsides. The soil cultivation tells a story of what is to come in summer. Sunlight sparkles more brilliantly in the emerging soft leaves.


Mary Jo said...

The yellowing of the weeping willows, the trill of the red-winged blackbird, the flush of white flowers of the serviceberry, and the no-turning-back chorus of the spring peepers! As time goes by, I find the leafing out of the trees to be like a curtain closing on the views of the wonderful details of the terrain--the contours of the land, the cliffs and rocks, the interesting spaces we can only see when the leaves are down. But I still try to enjoy what nature brings every day.

susan vieth said...

I've been trying to remember if there are peepers in our part of France. They will be truly missed if not. There are however cuckoos in the hills. No one ever sees them but we hear them every evening on our walks.