Monday, December 20, 2010

Jolie's New Friends

"Hey, look who I met!"


Mary Jo said...

I love the names of Jolie's friends. Along with the personality traits depicted in Tom's cartoon. Just yesterday, I was listening to NPR which had an opera singer singing "Figaro". Wouldn't that be a fun name for a cat? Wasn't Gipetto's cat named Figaro? Next cat we get will be "Figaro", pronounced the way it is sung. Figgy, for short? Anyway, looks like Jolie is fitting right in, yet maintaining her dignity.

susan vieth said...

Jolie misses her long walks down and back on Butternut. She likes the freedom of walks and following the big dogs.
Funny I always am thinking about names for animals - I will have cats by the summer! - and the opera names are a great idea.

Mary Jo said...

Then you'll truly be "home". Be sure and send pictures of an additions. Joyeaux noelle, however it's spelled!