Friday, October 1, 2010

Where have we been?

Where have we been? Mostly lost in our own little world of panic and transition. 
Tom waited a bit too long to pack up the studio and the three, yes three, basements that were part and parcel to 3838 South Road. Emptying them and cleaning as best he could would definitely qualify as a panic. I went hiking with friends and captured the last of a glorious summer in Vermont.
There are no words to describe how crazy the packing of the container was. I’ll just say it was finally all packed at 10:30 p.m. by the headlights of Tom’s truck and I still do not know how they got the doors closed on all the stuff that went into that enormous thing. I know even less about what got snuck in there when I wasn’t looking. The neighborhood graciously accepted the various things that didn’t make it in. There was some funny “shopping” going on by flashlight that night. 
For several weeks we have been here in Bourdeilles. There have been various and sundry little crises, but they are all slowly but surely moved into the crisis averted category. Now both of us find time to take a bike ride or chat with new friends as we take our evening walk. 


Unknown said...

Thank you for your update. BTW, I just smile when I look at the B and W photos of you two in your garden on this blog. So sweet. So you!

Missing you across the many miles from California. XX The Elliottx

ginger isham said...

Hello Tom and Susan,
So happy to read your last notes!
We miss you and hope you are settled in your new home now.
We invited Lisa and Mark and her sister to church corn roast. Told them it was a custom they bring a grill and cook hot dogs!!
They came and we had good time - all!
Had 60 people more or less!
We will never think of your house here as anyone else's but yours!
We miss our talented, friendly , kind folk!
Keep us posted on your latest doings.
Enjoyed your pictures in new place.
Love to you both,
Ginger and David

A Small Village in France said...

Erin, Let's hope we can soon update those funny photos. We'll surely be on to something crazy, just not sure what yet!

A Small Village in France said...

Oh the corn roast! If we had only waited a few more days to leave. But then I think people were beginning to think we had just made the whole thing up. Thanks for 'Gingering' Mark and Lisa. You're the best introduction to the neighborhood one could have.