Monday, February 15, 2010

Overlapping Experiences

This weekend my dear friend and great connector Jennifer introduced me to a woman that moved to Paris three years ago. We embraced this connection instantly and spent a morning’s walk comparing experiences and stories. After my friends headed out the driveway I found myself reflecting on how what seems to be such a unique experience is actually just the continuation of an old story. One that has many overlapping chapters, just with small differences in twists, turns and colors of emotion. 
"Don't look now, Honey, but I think there might be other ex-pats here."

The story that I have begun to spin for you has a personal nature, but also many things in common with any one else that has ever headed to a foreign country. I will wait hours in line for a visa, where you waited hours in line for a bank account. I might choose a home too quiet and off the beaten path, you unsuspectingly choose one too close to the noisy daily market. I hope our paths cross often and we can laugh and cry over the twists of our creation and how it fits just us. 

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Jen Francoeur said...

Hah! Well I guess I love the cookies of the expat cutter - common or not.
That's one of Tom's drawings? - Syndicate!
ps Thank you for endearment :]