Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We each have categories to focus on for this move. I have visa, insurance, house sale, airline tickets, scheduling family visits. Do you really want me to go on.....

Tom has the cargo container.   

The container that Tom seems to have settled on will be 40 feet long. That is 4 feet longer than our house here. Since no furniture is going into this container you wonder what could be in there?
Here is a list of what is planned for it so far:
a Kubota tractor with a back hoe attachment
several lawnmowers
two Harley Davidson motorcycles
one Vespa
a wood stove
a self composting toilet
several boxes of clothes
maybe six press back chairs
an Orient and Flume vase we bought as an engagement present to each other
Have I mentioned that we do not have a yard in France? 
Our Vermont yard sale will be August 20th, so come on by.

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