Friday, February 19, 2010

We now have complete sympathy for President Obama and his turmoil with health care/insurance. (I can never figure out which is the topic or the problem.) But, I am very clear on what the problem is if one wants to leave the USA for France. France will only give us an extended stay visa if we have health insurance. That insurance must be from a source outside of their system. The medical care will come from them, just not the payment. Fair enough, we have done nothing to pay into their system. The problem is how does one choose from the multitude of ExPat insurance companies? Everyone of them has a different cost, different coverage, different things listed to be covered, different things left off..... and what about the quality of their web-sites? Does presentation count for anything? And what the hey is ‘URC’. The small print says ‘Usual, Reasonable and Customary’. Can you just imagine that language being used in a document put before the Congress or Senate. My idea of ‘reasonable’ is certainly very different from an awful lot of my friends and family. But how far out on the limb do we crawl before even our ‘usual’ tolerance is proven naive? So President Obama, we too are going to have to take a crap shoot and hope we have made the right choices that will keep us in our ‘customary’ state of health.

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