Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting the Images

To our friends on the east coast. Think about your thoughts as you realized you had to go to the mailbox, out to get milk, or any thing outside this past weekend. Now think about Tom running his paintings outside to photograph them so that I can place them on his web-site and here on our hatchling forum. Its been cold in Louisville, in Richmond, and in Baltimore - make it colder for Vermont. We were at 0 degrees for most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The great thing about these bitter cold days is that they are always accompanied with brilliant sunshine. Brilliant sunshine is what Tom must have for taking his images. If it was up to me I would display new images only when the thermometer reads 30 or warmer. Tom has a very different ethic and so here he is out at 5 degrees being sure his web-master will be busy and his clients up to date.

There is quite a contrast between the weather for making watercolors and the weather for taking images of them.
p.s.: all you southerners quit hogging the snow - we need some!

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